Polyfoon – a short presentation


The ensemble was founded in 1999 by Johan Geerts and singer-conductor Lieven Deroo. Right from the start Polyfoon has always striven to program original concert concepts, built around a certain theme (Death, The Armed Man, Vesalius, Super Polyphony …). 

One constant principle always comes back: the confrontation between old and new polyphonic music, the ‘Ante et Nunc’ principle. So a typical Polyfoon concert can bring masterworks from Lassus, Tallis, Ockegem, Desprez and Gesualdo, but also music from Tavener, Pärt and Whitacre.

Polyfoon regularly performs in Antwerp, Brussels and other main cities in Belgium, but has undertaken several concert trips abroad as well: Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and UK.

Lieven Deroo

Conductor Lieven Deroo is a professional singer who studied with Rita Peron, Guus Hoekman and Lucie Frateur. He started his singing career in the National Opera Choir, and since 1985 he is member of the Flemish Radio Choir.

As a soloist he has sung more then 250 concerts in Belgium and abroad, specializing in baroque and classical music.

As a freelancer he has performed with the Netherlands Chamber Choir, La Petite Bande, Il Fondamento, Anima Aeterna, Collegium Vocale Ghent, Akademia (France), Psallentes, Currende and Cappella Pratensis (the Netherlands). Since 1983 he has been performing with the famous Huelgas Ensemble (Paul Van Nevel) in numerous concerts and on CD recordings. Needless to say that this thorough experience with polyphony is of crucial importance when working with the Polyfoon ensemble, which Lieven has been conducting since the start in 1999.


Polyfoon has recorded six CD’s:

As an example we offer 2 full tracks which give an impression of the quality of the ensemble.

Miserere Mei – Gregorio Allegri (from the CD Ante et Nunc)

Introitus from the Missa Pro Defunctis – Duarte Lobo (from the CD Triptic)